The Naturopath Connection

Board Certified ND Doctor of Naturopathy, PhD, IHIP, (MH FMP)   With over 10 years of natural healing arts experience as Karuna Reiki Master (energy balancing) and medical intuitive counselor.   Additional training, and clinical work: Applied Kinesiology, Frequency/Energy Management, Holistic Iridology, Biochemistry Analytics, Integrative-Functional-Alternative-Ayurveda Medicine; Herbalology, and Aromatherapy. 

Dr. D E Lowry-Charles, PhD – ND, founded The Naturopath Connection Natural Health Services, Education & Research Group in 2013, and has successfully helped clients using specialized, proven, and individually tailored natural remedies, alternative healing arts, self development, and integrative therapeutics to promote well-being.  She is a skilled medical intuitive that identifies the unique causes of specific imbalances and uses the latest in biomedical research and technology to assess and create a natural approach. “Dr. Lowry-Charles” practices and consults with clients around the United States in support of their natural health and spiritual empowerment needs. She plans to utilize the core values and strengths of the group to reach out to the community and provide alternative lifestyle choices, natural practices, and self-awareness support to empower individuals that fall short of quality health care.

Practice Mission

Seek to bring wholeness (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and chemically) back into our client’s lives by using a variety of natural, holistic, science based and spiritual approaches to promote healing and natural alignment of body, mind and spirit.   To be a source for comprehensive natural health information and holistic services that identifies the underlying factors and root cause of imbalance and integrates conventional and alternative approaches to naturally restore proper physiology and biochemistry to optimize health.

Core Values


We consider ourselves the salt and light of the earth and practice, consult, and heal from a place of sincere compassion.  We uphold ourselves and others with the highest regard.   We are quick to listen and slow to speak and attentive to our clients needs

INSPIRE We promote an atmosphere that is conductive to harmonious vibes, and seek to provide our clients with a synergistic environment that inspires personal growth, well-being, and conscious development.

We seek to serve and empower our client’s experience.  We  operate and influence from the spiritual laws that empowers our clients to move beyond the depth their perception into the serenity of higher good.   

EXPLORE We are committed to a life time of self exploration – To develop, learn and spiritual grow to provide our clients with the most valuable knowledge and tools for their optimal success.