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Basic Health Analysis Report
Intermediate Health Analysis
Advanced Health Analysis

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Iridology is the science and practice of analyzing the Iris to reveal levels of health, inflammation, toxicity, and degeneration in the human body. Iridology provides a painless, economical, yet accurate means of assessing the body for early detection of health imbalances for preventive healthcare.

I feel truly honored and blessed to be taught such insight, I am thankful for the high level of dedication and service that Dr. David J Pesek, Ph.D (International Institute of Iridology) has provided to Holistic Iridology. I look forward to sharing with all of you the golden truths of what he and the Spirit of the living God will provide. Stay tuned for more …. through the blogs, social media, newsletters, and the Naturopath Connection Services to get you to good, better & your very best!


Basic Health Analysis Report
Intermediate Health Analysis
Advanced Health Analysis

  • Constitutional Predispositions (iris color)
  • Constitutional Subtypes by trabecula structure and accumulations
  • Inherenlty strong/weak organs, glands, and other tissue structure 
  • Hereditary influences from mother/father
  • Genetic memory patterns held in tissues
  • Consicious/ Subconsious thought and emotional patterns
  • Basic nutritional requirements of the body
  • Levels of nutrient assimilation
  • Lymphatic / immune system congestion
  • Circulation to extreme 
  • Cerebral circulation
  • Tissue mineral depletion
  • Nervous system energy force and depletion
  • Toxic accumulation in the body
  • Gastrointestinal health condition and functionality
  • Oxygenation of tissues
  • Emotional disposition
  • Potential transit time of the GI tract
  • Overall condition of the CNS, brain, patterns of thought and emotion in relation to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects
  • Up to 240 health check points


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Basic Analysis Report, Intermediate Analysis Report, Advance Analysis Report