Let’s Talk About Health and Regenerating….
Missing The Spiritual Mark: And The Environmental Behaviors That Sustain Self Preservation

What “Salvation Salts” are you missing?  And is it / or are they contributing to your health issues?

The nourishment for our tissues also supports nourishment for our spiritual vibrational, growth and regeneration.  From origin, the human composition consist of 2 major elements dust Minerals (earth) and breath of life – Oxygen, H2O(spirit). 

when man was created, he was produced from the dust – the earth (mineral substance) the same chemical energies found in the heavens such as phosphorus, hydrogen, sodium, Sulfur, magnesium, and iron; and from breath, God breathed (Spirit) into the dust and life (spiritual expression) existed within man.

Physiological – Spiritual REGENERATION: The pattern of man during the gestation period of birth develops and crystalizes nine mineral salts (substances) within the composition. There are three additional mineral salts (substance) that miss the crystallization cycle (reservoir in the body) and must be supported through assimilation of proper nutrition to complete the balance of health, archetypical structure and spiritual awakening that resurrects, restores and regenerates the whole body including the soul.

Physiological degeneration except from physical trauma (injury); can be trace to dysfunction of life at the molecular and ion levels. Life where health derives is found in the blood, and based on creation’s design; the blood’s foundations are minerals and Oxygen, H2O – without either of them the primal drive to survive and sustain life as a human organism will deteriorate and cease to exist. . . .  If prolong periods without proper nutrition (mineral substance) dis-ease at the molecular level begins to take place and eventually cellular death to tissues and organs. This also include rising spiritual vibration and frequency.   “We are drivers to our own biology, we have the ability edit the data we enter into our biological computers” (Bruce Limpton, 2005 Biology of Belief).

Learning how to harness the physiological, psychological and metaphysical environmental behaviors is the essential to harmonizing wholly from within.    Below (Chart) are the mineral markers according to astrology pattern and design..  In cases where the birth sign lies between days 1-9, an additional mineral salt (birth salt) is required due to lack of crystallization. (crystallization = not readily supplied in the body composition)

  • Ex (Nov 7 – 4mineral salts required) , missing zodiac minerals, Sagittarius: SILICA, Capricorn: CAL PHOSPHAT, Aquarius: SODIUM CHLORIDE) + supplemental birth salt Scorpio: CALCIUM SULPHATE
  • Ex (Nov 17 – 3 mineral salts required) missing zodiac minerals Sagittarius: SILICA, Capricorn: CALCIUM PHOSPHATE, Aquarius: SODIUM CHLORIDE)

– Dr. D E Lowry-Charles, BCND, FMP, CMH, HIrP