March 23, 2020 Uncategorized

With all the talk and lack of resources and information surrounding the latest virus; what’s better than waiting for a good offense . .  “Defense”!  That’s right prevention intervention . . . and although the details are still forth coming, there is still time to prepare and build our structural integrity with a hedge of protection in the grips of a possible microbial/virus invasion.

THE GUT – IMMUNE – AND ENVIRONMENT – Super important to build and support our gut and immune system as well as manage our environment.

BASIC nutraceutical protocol – 

  1. Preventative Antiviral Protocol (which consist of pre|probiotic, multivitamin, tissue salts, and an immune defender formulation)

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – please visit my dispensary and I can send the above recommended products or customize a protocol specific to your structural needs


  1. Change your NUTRITIONto support your blood type – (the blood is the life of the body and the body will relinquish all for the sake of the blood)
  2. ELIMINATE OFTEN(3 meals, you should be having 3 BM per day) Do a complete bowel cleanse ( seasonally)
  3.  DETOXIFICATION | CLEANSELymphatics, Liver, Kidneys:  1/2 your weight in oz of distilled water, movement (30 min / day – brisk walk ect)(possible liver, kidney, lymphatic drainage maybe necessary) and don’t forget to breath DEEPLY
  4.  Appropriate amount of SLEEP, The body heals and restores during restful and full sleep cycles (apr 7-9 hours)
  5.  Minimize STRESS(for some I may need to add adrenal support) – sometimes we just have let somethings go for the sake of peace |  adjust your life style behavior to incorporate relaxation and  FUN (laughter is good medicine)
  6.  Build your spiritual relationship and network(don’t leave it unemployed or go it alone); live for your purpose in life. Healing begins on a spiritual level first, then emotional|mental and then into the physical body.

Managing your environment

  1.  Minimize environment pathogens (have an available supply / in stock at your disposal of): This is tricky, a lot of the disinfectants and antimicrobial will interfere and destroy your micro-biome and is why I have added the antiviral protocol to minimize impact

–  Disinfectants supplies (travel with hand sanitizer and anti microbial wipes) Use natural alternative as much as possible
–  Wash hands and surfaces often and keep hand away from your face and mouth. Cover your mouth when coughing
– Use rubber gloves to touch un familiar surfaces especially while out shopping