Health Transformation – OrthoM Therapy

Reclaiming Your HEALTH BACK! Understanding your nutritional status and aligning to optimal health 

Orthomolecular Medicine was expanded upon by the late Linus Pauling the mid 1960’s which characterized biochemistry as the roots of nutrition “right molecules in the right concentration”.  Based on the Orthomolecular medicine model – Orthomolecular Therapy  is the science to restore the optimum ecological environment for the body’s cells by correcting imbalances or deficiencies on the molecular level, based on individual biochemistry, [and] using natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, and essential fatty acids.”

We provide an in-depth evaluation of both objective and subjective data related to nutrient intake, lifestyle, and medical history designed to provide an understanding of the individual’s nutritional status.

We will customize a program designed based on vitamins, minerals, herbs, trace elements, amino acids,  etc. from natural foods and supplements to  correct imbalances or deficiencies based on individual biochemistry and restore the optimum environment of the body.

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