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No time like the present in getting you to good, better and the best in optimal health and wellbeing.  Don’t guess when it comes to your healthspan  – Know your baseline numbers and develop lifestyle habits that will improve longevity and vilitalrty.   

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What You Need to Know About Functional Medicine

Delythe Lowry-Charles

BCND, FMP, CMH, HIrP – CEO | Chief Principal Practitioner

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Certified Master Herbalist
Holistic Iridologist Practitioner


Functional Medicine
Medicinal Herbalist

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Signature Wellness Programs

Get the results you are looking for with a client centered approach that focus on whole body wellbeing.  

Let’s discuss what therapeutic programs and/or services best match your challenges and customize a personal plan that optimizes your healthspan opportunities.  

The NATUROshop

Recovery | Correction Protocol Program

6 Month – Year Program Engagement that will address core biochemical dysfunctions and imbalances.




Reversal of Cellular Dysfunctionality, Resetting your Energy and Vitality, Shifting Behavioral Pattern that Improve, Nutritional and Lifestyle Changes. Getting on a Biotransformation Rhythm

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Deep Energetic Healing Program

3-6 3Month Engagement that comprehensively support biochemical and archetype wellness. With the addition of energy and frequency management (VIBRATION | FREQUENCY | VOLTAGE environment).




FM 3P Renewal Program Benefits, Removal of Energetic Blockages, Whole Body Alignment and Connection with the Mind, Body, Spirit

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Maintenance Support Program

9 – 12 Month Engagement that will support and maintain biochemical and archetype wellness.  Qualification of Program Service:  80% of Lab reference points will need to be within Optimal Range of 80% or greater.




Improve Immune Function, Terrain and Construction Stability, Dysfunctional / Imbalance Prevention.  Optimal Health and Overall Vitality

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