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Nutrition Lifestyle Choices



The life of the body is in the blood; disease is simply a call, a telegraph dispatch to the ego, the throne of understanding, asking for that which the digestion and assimilation failed to furnish in sufficient quantities to supply the demands made upon the blood. (Carey & Perry, 2013)   Therefore, as a consideration to re calibrate the physical body, mineral and blood type nutritional choices should be include in sustaining the proper biochemistry.

According to scientific research by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, lifestyle choices that consume foods that are conflicting with blood archetype will eventually expose the body to a greater risk of virus and disease.



Blood type nutrition consist of 4 archetypes

Blood Type Ancestry has imprinted legacy permanently in the nucleus of each cell which develops a strong link between blood type, health and key to the body’s entire immune system. Blood type controls the influence of viruses, bacteria, infections, chemicals, stress and conditions that might compromise the function and regulation of the body. Because of its significance, careful consideration should be made in determining nutritional life style choices, medical risk, diet profile and exercise regimen. Nutrition, emotional balance, spiritual growth, and personal engagement are cornerstones to maintaining a lifetime of heath. Supporting the blood through good nutrition according to blood type will extend and optimize health.