New Name – New Synergy


Not out with the old – JUST A REMIX!

Our being violently shakes awaiting for salvation (extraordinary) to rise and be as single (all at one) …


MOJAVE defined  – within in the deepest desert

Environmental Characteristics: Extreme heat and temperatures | Extreme harshness | Violent acts of nature – violent movements that pushes the ground up from the deep earth and creates unusual and beautiful rock formations.

Spiritual Energy:  The name [Mojave] is composed of two Indian words, aha, water, and macave, along or beside. Aha denotes either singular or plural number. Mojaves translate the idiom “along or beside the water,” or freely as “people who live along the water (river).”

The Naturopath Connection has shifted direction and included Mojave Health to its portfolio that will focus on the client relationship and connection with health and wellbeing.  We love the vitality of the new name and feel that it will provide the synergy needed when it comes to maintaining self-care and rejuvenation.  In today’s environment we are all forced to maintaining our health under extreme / harsh circumstances through the violent nature of   |  pollution | toxicity | pharmaceuticals | food quality, ect – our biochemical/biological structure is being asked to more with less, resulting in multiple and complex health issues. 

There is no time like the present to utilized naturopathic education, tools and technology that Mojave Health has to offer and begin to take control and elevate over health imbalances and rejuvenate your wellbeing.  Let’s get you to good, better and your best in optimal health.

(Water) balances a desert and is where Mojave Health will be (alongside you) during your most challenge and successful heath experiences. 


Mojave Health  |



Resource  | from Lorraine M. Sherer’s definitive work, “The Name Mojave, Mohave: A History of Its Origin and Meaning” published in the Southern California Quarterly, Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California, March 1967

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