A New Year A New You




There is only one MIND and we are all at one with that same MIND. . . Individually, just different arrangements of that same MIND. . .

A New Year – A New Mind – A New You

As we usher away the movements, coronations, and memories of 2017 and embrace 2018 with open possibilities to a new expression of life and substance; one must realize a need to release the old patterns and cycles while embracing the new which will require a deep level of adjustments in order to integrate experiences that carry a higher vibration. January is drawing to a close and yet many of us are carrying over characteristics, mental thoughts, and executive presence that is self-sabotaging to the greatness that lies before us. We end up repeating lessons and behaviors that kept us limited and bonded in 2017 and probably 2016, 2015, ect..

We have run and run fast and exuberant into the new year and forgot to inventory and leverage past strengths and weakness in order to redefine a future of growth and transformation.  We have kept the same encumbrances of negative thought patterns, undesirable behaviors, generational cycles, and including but not limited to unresolved issues that keeps a monkey wrench (s) in the way to our path of transformation.   Why are we still WALKING when we are equipped to FLY?

When you think of transformation – CHANGE is the first word that comes to mind, but the deeper root words goes beyond change.

  • “Trans” means “to shift across” or carry a cross 
  •  “formation” means “into being “ “into substance” or arrangement (already formed).

In its entirety you’re looking at a shift of formation, a shift of movement or more exclusively “SHIFT OF MIND” to rearrange or reconfigure what already formed.

Where the mind goes, everything else flows or FORMS

which means that in order to move forward, we have to step back review and reconcile what was already formed. – Hello 2017 and probably 2016, 2015, ect.. Pick up our cross – carry it across – rearrange into a formation = transformation; that doesn’t interfere with creating your future.


Don’t be conformed to 2017 and probably 2016, 2015, ect.. but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Rom 12:2. In other words begin the process to recover, restore, replenish, reestablish, reconcile the former state (negative thought patterns, undesirable behavior, generational cycles, and including but not limited to unresolved issues) before you begin again and if you tarry not, you will not have to WALK, but in due season you will mount up and freely fly (deserving what is good)  into the A New Year – A New Mind – A New You.

2018 brings great promise and renewal beyond our imagination; let us pick up our cross, let us connect to the source of that one MIND, the same MIND that can rearrange our vibration so we can shift into unlimited potential and possibilities.

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